The University of Sydney
Health Care Team Challenge Competition 2014

Congratulations to Team ILFF who won this year’s Health Care Team Challenge.

There were 13 teams (77 students) who joined the 2014 Challenge. This was over double compared with previous years.

Teams were asked to produce a video and write an abstract outlining the case management plan in relation to the rehabilitation of an 18 year old patient called John who sustained a traumatic brain injury as a pedestrian when he was struck by a motor vehicle. Teams were given ‘free rein’ in how they conveyed an interprofessional patient focused approach to care.

The judges met to review the abstracts and video submissions and feedback was provided via video. Judges were particularly impressed with the high level of commitment, enthusiasm, creativity and quality demonstrated in all submissions.

Some participants attended the Sydney Teaching Colloquium on 29 September, taking part in a panel discussion on their experiences. The winning team’s video was showcased at the Colloquium and the team members presented with certificates.

All participants are to be congratulated on their achievements in the Health Care Team Challenge.

We wish to acknowledge Westmead Hospital Brain Injury Unit Community Rehabilitation Team for assistance with this case study.

First Name Surname Course
Trang Thi Hoai Nguyen Medicine
Bayan Mick Hosseini Pharmacy
Ellena Myung Han Nursing
Yeuk Fan Sophia Poon Physiotherapy
Yu Min Ang Speech Pathology
Mark Bawalan Diagnostic Radiography
SECOND PLACE – Half a Dozen Healers
First Name Surname Course
Imogen Evans Medicine
Jonathan James Sing On Du Pharmacy
Philippa Jayne Evans Speech Pathology
Nicole Bo Hyun Kyung Nursing
Mary Thuy Dung Vu Diagnostic Radiography
Alexandros Tsathas Physiotherapy
THIRD PLACE – Dozen Matter
First Name Surname Course
Melia Rebecca Condon Medicine
Jessie Chen Pharmacy
William David Thorpe Exercise Physiology
Katie Wing Yan Lau Physiotherapy
Tan Pham Diagnostic Radiography
Virginia Barbara Wentworth Abel Nursing