OT Research Showcase

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A home-based program to improve handwriting legibility after stroke: A feasibility study - Bronwyn Simpson, Annie McCluskey and Natasha Lannin.

Perceptions of risk in children’s free play: Danger or opportunity? - Jo Ragen, Anita Bundy and Anita Niehues.

Achieving program sustainability in falls prevention - Meryl Lovarini, Lindy Clemson and Catherine Dean.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Friends: Evaluation of a parent-delivered play-based intervention for children with ADHD - Sarah Wilkes-Gillan, Anita Bundy, Reinie Cordier and Michelle Lincoln.

Improving functional independence for older adults through occupational therapy discharge planning: The Australian HOME trial - Lindy Clemson, Natasha Lannin, Kylie Wales, Collette Davies, Lynette Mackenzie and Ian Cameron.

Understanding the everyday experiences of high school students who are visually impaired - Glenda Jessup, Anita Bundy, Alex Broom and Nicola Hancock.

Pressure injury management: Creating a better fit within healthcare - Anna Rose, Craig Veitch and Lynette Mackenzie.

Grading research evidence in clinical guidelines for a complex therapy intervention: The prescription of a wheelchair or scooter for people with traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury - Sue Lukersmith and Lesley Radbron.

Social participation and frequency of outings of recently discharged stroke survivors - Annie McCluskey, Louise Ada, Patrick Kelly, Sandy Middleton, Stephen Goodall, Mark Longworth, Jeremy Grimshaw, Pip Logan, and Sia Karageorge.

Facilitating participation: How occupational therapists support clients with brain injury in everyday routines - Jennie Brentnall, Craig Veitch and Anita Bundy.

Non-pharmacological management of frontotemporal dementia: A review of the literature and a case study illustrates potential for intervention - Claire M O’Connor, Lindy Clemson, Tha's Bento Lima da Silva, Olivier Piguet, John Hodges, Laura Gitlin and Eneida Mioshi.

Parenting young people with mental illness: What do parents do? - Anne Honey and Nicola Hancock.

Transition to retirement: Social inclusion and outcomes for older adults with an intellectual disability - Roger Stancliffe, Nathan Wilson, Christine Bigby, Susan Balandin and Diane Craig.

Functional profile of mental health consumers assessed by occupational therapists: Level of independence and relationship to functional cognition (Allen Cognitive Levels Test) - Justin Scanlan and Megan Still.

A rural private therapy framework to support the delivery of high quality, sustainable and accessible services to rural people with disability - Rebecca Barton, Jo Ragen, Angela Dew, Kim Bulkeley, Michelle Lincoln, Anita Bundy, Craig Veitch and Giselle Gallego.

Job demands and burnout for occupational therapists in mental health - Justin Scanlan and Megan Still.

Exploring the self-directed learning behaviours of experienced occupational therapists in relation to mandatory reporting of ongoing learning within the Continuing Competence Framework for Recertification (CCFR) - the New Zealand experience - Merrolee Penman and Kwok-Wing Lai.

A systematic review of measurement properties of the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) - Kylie Wales, Lindy Clemson, Natasha Lannin and Ian Cameron.