Rehabilitation Counselling - Courses and careers

Rehabilitation counselling is a dynamic, challenging and rewarding profession that is grounded in social justice, human rights, and the value and importance of work. Our courses draw on knowledge from several fields –community development, philosophy, psychology, sociology, medicine, education, law, and the world of work.

Graduates will acquire the knowledge and skills to work in partnership with people who have experienced problems associated with social disadvantage, injury or disability. They are qualified to provide specialist counselling, coordination and vocational services to a variety of people across a range of service settings.

Our courses are accredited by the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors and the Rehabilitation Counselling Association of Australasia. Professional competencies are obtained through a combination of coursework and clinical fieldwork placements in a variety of industry settings.


Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling

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Master of Rehabilitation Counselling

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