Rehabilitation Counselling - Courses and careers

Rehabilitation counselling is a dynamic, challenging and rewarding profession that is grounded in social justice, human rights, and the value and importance of work. Our courses draw on knowledge from several fields –community development, philosophy, psychology, sociology, medicine, education, law, and the world of work.

Graduates will acquire the knowledge and skills to work in partnership with people who have experienced problems associated with social disadvantage, injury or disability. They are qualified to provide specialist counselling, coordination and vocational services to a variety of people across a range of service settings.

Our courses are accredited programs. Professional competencies are obtained through a combination of coursework and clinical fieldwork placements in a variety of industry settings.

Meet our alumni

samridhi rana thapa

Samridhi Rana Thapa
Senior Program Officer, Karuna Foundation Nepal

"I technically lead the community based rehabilitation (CBR) program which promotes inclusion of disadvantaged people with disabilities living in the rural communities of Nepal, in suitable domains of health, education, livelihood and social empowerment. Additionally, my role entails strengthening the CBR program through new partnerships/ collaborations, designing disability related tools or updating old ones and building capacity of local resources, among others. The aim is to address stigma and create communities that is inclusive and one that leaves no one behind."

louise bilato

Louise Bilato
Managing Director, IMconcepts, Injury Management Practice

“I have always seen the field of Rehabilitation Counselling as the most well rounded, and grounded, of the Allied Health disciplines. It encompassed elements of positive psychology and biopsychosocial models well before these terms became ‘on trend’ and having a combined focus on vocation, ability, mental health, community engagement and case management skills development blends most effectively with holistic health and well-being management."

Tim Warton

Tim Warton
Senior Practice Officer, NSW Department of Justice

"Currently I work for Juvenile Justice. My role is the Senior Practice Officer, which means I do a lot of internal consultancy, training and development. I like working with involuntary clients, it brings a whole gamut of challenges and really improves your skill level quickly. The most rewarding part is when an involuntary client almost becomes voluntary, when they start engaging in treatment and actually wanting to achieve goals on their case plans."

Erin Fearn Smith

Erin Fearn Smith
Homelessness Program Specialist, Mission Australia

"I currently work for Mission Australia across the NSW Homelessness programs. I hope to challenge stigma, and to influence social policy, funding and reporting in service delivery, and ultimately change the way that we address homelessness as a community. I want to explore areas of significant service gaps, and see some tangible movement towards resolving homelessness in Australia."

Sam Antonas

Sam Antonas
Owner/Director, OccHealth Physiotherapy

"At work I am responsible for identifying people at risk of physical or psychological injury and implementing new practices in the workplace to prevent workplace injuries. I obtained employment as a Rehabilitation Counsellor through my final placement at Sydney Uni and there has never been a shortage of work in this field. It has offered my family security since the day I graduated and it has been easy to transfer from one role to another."