Alternative entry schemes

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers a number of alternative entry schemes to prospective undergraduate students.

The new expanded Broadway Scheme for rural students looking to undertake health sciences courses

Rural students that want to study at Health Sciences can do so under the The New Expanded Broadway Scheme - eligibility for certain high schools.

Through this scheme, the University is granting automatic Broadway eligibility to students who complete their schooling at a high school that falls under the NSW Government Country Area Program (CAP) category. If your school has the aforementioned classification, no application is required.

However, students who are attending a school in the above category, and wish to claim additional educational disadvantages, they will be required to complete an EAS application.

Further information on the Broadway and New Expanded Broadway Scheme

Cadigal Entry Program

The Cadigal Entry program is an admission and support scheme for Indigenous Australians who wish to study at the University of Sydney.

The scheme provides entry for HSC and non HSC applicants into all undergraduate courses at the Faculty of Health Sciences and offers a range of academic and cultural support through the associated Aboriginal Health Science Support Program administered by the Faculty’s Yooroang Garang Indigenous Student Support Unit.

Mature Age Entry Scheme

The Mature Age Entry Scheme is an avenue for entry into the University of Sydney for people of at least 21 years of age who would not normally qualify for admission.

Flexible Entry

Flexible Entry is available in some courses to Year 12 applicants whose ATAR falls up to a maximum of five points below the normal cut-off. No application is needed. More information is available on Alternative - Flexible Entry.