Grammar Bridging Courses 2017

Who should take a grammar bridging course?

It is recommended for students who are enrolling in the Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) degree and for Bachelor of Health Sciences Hearing and Speech students about to start year 2 of their degree. The bridging course is not compulsory, but a basic knowledge of grammar is assumed for the Semester 1 2017 Linguistics and Phonetics subject CSCD1034 (a core unit in our undergraduate program) – grammar is covered in 5 lectures within CSCD1034.

Ask yourself: I achieved high marks in English do I need to take a Grammar Bridging Course?

See how many of the following questions you can answer:

  • These are some utterances typical of a 3-year old child interacting with his mother. Identify all the multiword phrases and classify them as NP, VP, ADJ-P, ADV-P, or PP: "That tiger a bad cat." "Two cars sit on garage." "My race car goes so fast."
  • Does this utterance from a 7-year old child contain more than one clause? "The giraffe fell onto the little boy."
  • Provide examples of how a speech pathologist might help this 2-year old begin to include more adjectival phrases in her language. Typically, the 2-year old says things like: "That a ball." "A baby."
  • Identify the verb in this utterance as either Copular, Auxiliary, Gerund or Infinitive: "They were happy."

If you experienced difficulty with any of the above questions or want to improve your skills and confidence in grammatical analysis, then the bridging course is for you!

If you have studied Linguistics and Phonetics at Sydney University (or an equivalent institution) you do not need to complete this bridging course.

Course details


10.5 hours


Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th February 2017


10am-2pm (includes a 30 minutes break for lunch)


Cumberland campus, 75 East Street, Lidcombe. Building S, Room S102

Course fee

$165 (includes GST and course manual)

Course code


Register by

4pm Friday, 3rd February 2017

To register

Please email a copy of the payment receipt to

Payment details

Payment option 1
Pay online

Payment option 2
By cheque – made out to: The University of Sydney. Send to Speech Pathology, PO Box 170 LIDCOMBE 1825 – include your full name and contact details to register for the course.

Payment is required by: 4pm Friday, 3rd February 2017

Withdrawal prior to the closing date will result in your registration fee being refunded, less $30 to cover administration costs. No refund is possible if withdrawal occurs after the closing date – 4pm Friday, 3rd February 2017.


Dr Greg Flannery is available, via email, to answer questions about whether you need to do the bridging course or not - Email: . Alternatively, you can contact the Speech Pathology Program Administrator Email: Phone: (02)9351-9447