International opportunities

FHS Abroad

Students from the Faculty of Health Sciences have been working collaboratively on community projects in the developing world for more than 30 years, enriching their understanding of global health and making a lasting difference in communities worldwide.

Under an exciting initiative called ‘FHS Abroad,' senior students across all undergraduate and graduate entry master's programs will now have the opportunity to take part in these experiences as part of their study program.

Why consider an international experience?

  • Make a meaningful contribution to a community in need
  • Gain hands-on experience in community development
  • Put your skills into practice in a supportive environment
  • Learn about new cultures and new perspectives on health and healthcare
  • Travel and explore new corners of the globe
  • Choose an experience that interests you and broadens your career prospects

What does it involve?

The 6 credit point elective units of study can be taken in Semester 1 (for travel during the previous December/January break) or Semester 2 (travel during the previous June/July break) and involve working with non-government organisations and other development agencies for four to six weeks in a range of Faculty-elected locations across South and South East Asia. In 2016 destinations include Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines.

What will I be working on?

We are working with two well-established Australian volunteer agencies to offer you placements that are tailored to your own personal and professional interests. The choice is really up to you but we can also help you find your niche if you aren’t sure what kind of placement would suit you.

You could work in a range of locations such as schools, children’s hospitals, orphanages or HIV clinics, and programs range across fields like rehabilitation, health promotion, education, health outreach and disability care.

Travel solo or as a group

How you undertake your placement is also up to you. If you have a great group of friends who are all interested in a similar placement why not travel as a group? Alternatively if you really want to immerse yourself in this experience you can go it alone and make new friends and contacts overseas.

Find out more

Visit this webpage for more information about FHS Abroad for currently enrolled students