This page is no longer active, go to: Entry Accreditation for International Students

International offer process for GEM courses is as follows:

Offers will be made on a rolling basis. Applicants meeting the faculty determined GPA cut off for the relevant course, will be considered for an immediate offer. The immediate offer may be firm or conditional.

An applicant receives a firm offer if all the requirements set out for the course (refer to the relevant course page), are met at the time of assessment. If any of the set course requirements are not fulfilled at the time of assessment, you may receive a conditional offer.

Applicants not meeting the faculty determined GPA cut off for the relevant course, will be considered for a second round of offers, subject to availability of places.

All unsuccessful applicants will be notified in late October.

Important: Applicants should consider listing more than one preference with the Faculty of Health Sciences. This will enable the faculty to consider them for other preferences if they do not get an offer for their first preference. You may need to lodge an application for each of your preferences. Please contact International Office for further advice.

Timelines for offers and acceptances for 2015:  PLEASE NOTE:  THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE

 Firm (rolling) offers made up to 21/09/2014 – accept by:

 1 October 2014

All firm offers issued 23 September to 1 October accept by 15 October 2014

15 October 2014

Second round (subject to availability of places) offers made

15 October 2014

Firm offers made in second round – accept by:

31 October 2014

All conditional offers made in rounds 1 & 2 remain valid until conditions are met.  Once fulfilled and offers converted to firm offers should then be accepted immediately

Faculty prefers that conditions are met by 15 February 2015 at the latest, so students can reach Sydney in time for the start of the semester