Entry requirements & international accreditation

Faculty of Health Sciences Future International Students Guide

Graduate Entry Master's Courses (GEMs) - Entry Requirements

To be eligible to apply to one of our GEMs courses, the minimum requirements are;

  • A PhD, master's or bachelor's degree from an Australian institution or equivalent
  • A Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.5 or greater (see approximate GPA equivalents below) assessed on the highest ranked tertiary qualification presented
  • The Master of Physiotherapy, Master of Speech Language Pathology and Master of Exercise Physiology have additional assumed or pre-existing knowledge requirements. This means you need to provide a ‘checklist’ with your application.

Checklists and definitions of pre-existing knowledge

Note that if you are an international student and have completed an undergraduate degree in Australia, you may not need to submit a checklist. See below for more information.

There is high demand for our GEMs and it should be noted that eligibility to apply does not guarantee a place.

GPA Equivalence List by country

A listing, by country of the GPA equivalence of 4.5 on a scale of 0-7 is available and can be viewed here. If your country is not listed please contact the international office on .

The faculty has introduced a GPA cut off for every GEM course to ensure deserving applicants are made an immediate offer. This cut off also changes every year based on the quality of applications and the demand for the courses.

Are you an international Student that has completed an undergraduate degree in Australia?

If you have, then you may not need to submit a ‘checklist’ into our Master of Exercise Physiology, Master of Physiotherapy or Master of Speech Language Pathology. A list of recognised Australian institutions are provided below for each course.

Undergraduate Courses Entry Requirements and Accreditation Information

The following information will assist international students interested in applying for degrees offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences. For students from:

If your country does not appear on the list above, please visit the following sites for more information.

Secondary qualifications recognised by the University of Sydney

International undergraduate academic entry requirements