Entry requirements for bachelor’s degrees

Completion of at least one 'Advanced Placement Tests' with a minimum grade 'B' or score of 4, presented with current 'SAT' or 'ACT' results and the evidence of graduation from a senior secondary qualification. The following grades are required:


SAT with 1AP

B Applied Science (Exercise & Sport Science)


B Applied Science (Exercise Physiology)


B Applied Science (MRS) Diagnostic Radiography


B Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)


B Applied science (Physiotherapy)


B Applied Science (Speech Pathology)


B Health Sciences


B Applied Science (Exercise & Sports Science)/M Nutrition & Dietetics


Scholastic Aptitude Test (USA) from 2005 onwards. Total of Critical Reading, Mathematical and Writing test scores for SAT1. A minimum of one Advanced Placement subject must be presented with a minimum Grade B or score of 4 or better together evidence of graduation from a senior secondary qualification. SAT score required will be lower for applicants with 2 APs with a score of 4 or better.  ACT scores are also accepted in lieu of SAT scores.  For specific scores contact the International Office.

Please note that this information is constantly being updated. Please also review entry requirements as published on the following document.

Students who do not meet these minimum entry requirements may like to apply for the University of Sydney Foundation Program.

Entry requirements for graduate entry master’s degrees

To be eligible to apply you will need:

  • A PhD, master's or bachelor's degree from an Australian institution or equivalent
  • A Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.5 or greater (see approximate GPA equivalents below) assessed on the highest ranked tertiary qualification presented
  • The Master of Physiotherapy, Master of Speech Language Pathology and Master of Exercise Physiology have additional assumed knowledge requirements. For details please check the faculty website




The USA has a registering authority/board in each state. Graduates must first prove their eligibility to sit the National Physical Therapy Examination.

Two registering bodies that can be used are the Foreign Credentialing Commission Physical Therapy or the International Education Research Foundation, Inc

Occupational Therapy

The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. is the accrediting authority in the United States. Graduates must apply for and pass the NBCOT Certification Examination. Depending on which State in the US you wish to practice, separate applications to those states apply and a fee is chargeable.

How to get a license

Diagnostic Radiography

The American Board of Radiology is an accrediting authority for Diagnostic Radiographers in the United States. Graduates must first prove their eligibility to sit for an exam.

Exercise Physiology

The American Council of Sports Medicine is an accrediting authority for Physiologists in the United States.

Rehabilitation Counselling

Graduates of the Master of Rehabilitation Counselling have worked in many countries including the United States of America. If you want to practice as a 'certified rehabilitation counsellor' in America, then you will need to sit for an examination and apply for certification via the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification.

The American Rehabilitation Counselling Association (ARCA) and the National Rehabilitation Counselling Association (NRCA) can be used as a guide to career prospects in America.