2014 (Awarded in 2014)


Faculty of Health Sciences Student Leadership Award
Scholarships for school leavers

The University and Commonwealth offer a number of scholarships for school leavers.

Scholarships for undergraduate students

University-wide opportunities for undergraduate students are offered by, or advertised through, the Scholarships and Prizes Office.

Scholarships for postgraduate students
Scholarships for Research
Rural and Remote Postgraduate Diagnostic Imaging Scholarships

The Australian Government, Department of Health & Ageing are providing scholarships for:

Grants are to be used as a contribution toward the cost of accessing postgraduate education. Only available to Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

Scholarships for Indigenous students

The University of Sydney offers a number of scholarships for new and current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

External relevant information for Indigenous students:

Scholarships for clinical and work placements

A number of externally funded scholarship opportunities are available to health science students to support their clinical education or work experience:

Loans and Scholarships for FHS Aboard students

Ten scholarships of $2,000 are available to eligible FHS Abroad students (undergraduate and postgraduate) undertaking their placement in Vietnam in June/July 2014. Further, local students may be eligible to apply for a loan of $2,500 or $5,000 (to be added to your HECS debt).


Executive Support Officer - Prizes and Scholarships