A safe, supportive environment


The Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for all students. We offer a range of facilities and services to ensure that you have the best opportunity to learn, develop, and enjoy your time on campus.

Mentoring program

Community and belongingness are important to our faculty. One of the ways in which we create a supportive community is through our mentoring programs.

Belong@FHS is a mentoring program that supports new students in their transition to university. The program is an opportunity for first year students to learn from the experiences of their senior peers.

The program is a rewarding experience not just for new students, but for their mentors as well. In creating a supportive environment for their peers, mentors also create one for themselves.

Belong@FHS is a chance to be supported and to provide support – to create the spirit of community of that makes university life that much more satisfying.

Yooroang Garang

Yooroang Garang is the centre of Indigenous student support at Cumberland Campus. The unit provides support programs such as the Special Admission (Cadigal) Program and the Aboriginal Health Sciences Science Support program. We also provide a range of facilities to Indigenous students studying at the Faculty of Health Sciences to support their study on campus.

Security and transport

The campus offers ample parking, and is patrolled by security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re travelling via public transport, there is a bus service running from the campus to Lidcombe station, as well as an after-hours shuttle.

For further information on security, parking and public transport, please visit Campus Information.