Meet our students

Student life at the Faculty of Health Sciences is vibrant and unique. We have a diverse and multicultural student population, and our dedicated campus forges a real sense of community. It’s a great environment to think, learn and get to know your fellow students.

Amy Ward, Speech Pathology (BAppSc - SpPath)

“Speech pathology is the perfect mix of linguistics, science, medicine and psychology. It draws on your ability to connect with people as you help improve their quality of life, which is so rewarding.”

Christy Ward, Exercise & Sport Science
"I've always been interested in exercise, health and science. I loved biology in high school and I come from a medical family - my father is a surgeon and my mum is a physiotherapist. This degree sounded like a mix of everything I love!"
Hubert Fernandez, Physiotherapy (BAppSc - Phty)

"I chose physio as there are a lot of job opportunities and it can be a pathway to other careers as well. I've really enjoyed the science-based subjects such as Body Systems, Exercise Physiology, and Motor Control & Learning."

Jessica Gannon, Health Sciences (BHlthSci)

"I knew that I wanted to be part of the health field, I just wasn't sure which part. The Bachelor of Health Sciences seemed like the perfect solution as it gave me a broad overview of the industry in general, whilst giving me a small taste of a wide variety of professions".

Mostafa Bukhmseen, Occupational Therapy (BAppSc - OT)

"I'm an international student from Saudi Arabia. I chose OT because I like helping people improve the quality of their lives, but didn't want to go into medicine. OT gives me the opportunity to make an impact doing what I enjoy."