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Bachelor of Health Sciences

Jayden Bregu

Jayden Bregu

"The Bachelor of Health Sciences course captured my attention when I was looking at undergraduate study options – the wide choice of subjects, including management, fit with my personal and career goals. A unit undertaken in Cambodia for FHS Abroad was an aspect of the course that I enjoyed the most.

While enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Sciences, I was able to complete a psychology unit as well a unit in Greek and Roman Mythology.

Having the option to try courses outside the Faculty was great, not just because it was interesting and fun, but because it gave me the opportunity to try courses which I could possibly major in while figuring out what direction I would take with the Bachelor of Health Sciences.

I ended up majoring in management, it felt like a natural path to follow having undertaken leadership camps at school and university.

I also had the opportunity to be mentored by the CEO of GE Healthcare as part of the FHS Leadership Mentoring Program. This program pairs health care leaders with Health Sciences students who show leadership potential."

Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology)

Olivia Vun

Olivia Kai Li Vun

"I have always wanted to be in a profession that allowed me to work directly with members of the community. Language and communication have always intrigued me. Speech Pathology was the perfect fit as I get to explore the intricacies of language and at the same time help those who require assistance and support in terms of communication.

I am currently in my final year at university. I have enjoyed the learning experience here at the Faculty of Health Sciences, especially the amicable relationship between the students and academic staff. The academic staff at the faculty are research leaders in their respective fields and I wanted to learn from the best. "

Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology)

Matthew Craig

Matthew Craig

"I have a love of sport and exercise, as well as a desire to help people. I grew up in a very sporty household, so Exercise Physiology seemed like best course for me.

The wide range of subjects and clinical placements that I have undertaken has allowed me to gain a better idea of what areas I may be interested in working in post graduation.

I am really enjoying the relaxed, friendly nature of the faculty, and the reputation and experience of the majority of the staff."