ATC - Examples of statistics

The Nordic Council on Medicines first published the Nordic Statistics on Medicines using the ATC/DDD methodology in 1976. One of the last publications reports on statistics from 1993-1995 (7). The most recent comparative statistics on medicines in the Nordic countries can be found in the annual publication Health Statistics in the Nordic Countries published by NOMESCO (Nordic Medical Statistical Committee) (8). A special in-depth study on medicines was published in 1999 (9). Statistics are based on sales data from wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Some countries collect data on an individual basis (persons and items) while others collect aggregated data from wholesalers and hospitals. At present, prescription databases are established in Denmark and Finland making it possible to produce data on individual consumption. ATC based statistics on sales of prescription drugs are also available for countries other than the Nordic, e.g. Australia (Australian Statistics on Medicines (10)).

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