PRESENTATIONS from ABF/Casemix Symposium 30 November 2012

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INTRODUCTORY SESSION chaired by Professor Richard Madden
9.00-9.30am Welcome and Introduction
Classification Bases for ABF
Professor Richard Madden
9.30-9.45am Classification tools to support ABF
ICD-10-AM/ACHI as the building blocks for ABF
Megan Cumerlato
9.45-10.00am Building ABF systems Associate Professor Terri Jackson
10.00-10.30am Panel discussion with audience participation/interaction  
SESSION 1 - chaired by Professor David Ben-Tovim
11.00-11.15am How we develop classifications Dr Ric Marshall and Steve Gillett
11.15-11.30am Statistics for ABF/classification refinement Chris Aisbett and Dr Ric Marshall
11.30am-12.00pm Case study discussion - panel discussion with audience participation/interaction
12.30-1.30pm Public lecture: Putting a price on health Shane Solomon
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Session 2 - chaired by Professor Richard Madden
1.30-1.45pm Measuring clincial and financial outcomes Associate Professor Terri Jackson
1.45-2.00pm Coding to standards or funding incentives? Data integrity Vera Dimitropoulos
2.00-2.30pm Panel discussion with audience participation/interaction
3.00-3.15pm Engaging managers and clinicians in outcome analysis Professor Pieter Degeling
3.15-3.30pm Classification for the right incentives! Professor David Ben-Tovim
4.00-4.30pm Making a roadmap towards excellence in ABF classification

Symposium closing remarks
Panel and audience discussion

Dr Ric Marshall