Essential Preparation

All University of Sydney students enrolled in Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) courses must meet certain requirements prior to undertaking placement.

These include mandatory Pre-placement Requirements. These requirements must be completed prior to commencing placement. Students are expected to carefully review this information and fulfil all of the criteria to be eligible to undertake the placement component of the course they are enrolled in. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in the student not being allocated a placement site or could mean the refusal or discontinuation of a placement by the site. This could potentially jeopardise student results in the relevant unit of study for their course and affect graduation prospects.

Many of the sites used by FHS students undertaking a placement have additional specific requirements that must be adhered to.

Students must also prepare in advance how they will get to their placement site, whether it is metropolitan or rural. Resources are available in Getting to Placements.

An important aspect of preparing for placement is attendance at required lectures and tutorials. These are not always listed on student timetables as they are often scheduled sporadically throughout the year. Students can obtain information about when these essential lectures and tutorials will take place from the relevant discipline’s eLearning site.

Before commencing placements students are to become familiar with all Work Health and Safety requirements. On commencement of placement any additional WHS policies, procedures and guidelines of the placement sites must also be adhered to.