Codes of Conduct

All students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner during their enrolment at University and during and after the completion of a placement.

University of Sydney Student Code of Conduct

The University has a Code of Conduct that all students need to read and abide by.

Students should note that the faculty has resolved as follows:

'Candidates for any (degree, diploma or certificate) whose conduct or work towards their award is unsatisfactory may, on the recommendation of the head of academic unit concerned, be refused permission by the faculty to undertake or continue the Clinical Educational Fieldwork/Professional Experience component of their award.'

During placement, students are also expected to conform to the standard professional conduct required by the host institution. In some institutions, the wearing of uniforms and identification badges is demanded, while in other facilities less formal attire is acceptable.

NSW Health Policy

The NSW Health Code of Conduct must be read and followed at all times while on placement in a NSW Health facility. After reading the NSW Health Code of Conduct, students are to sign the “Code of Conduct Agreement for Students undertaking Clinical Placements” and provide this signed document to their placement site at the commencement of their placement.

Professional Code of Ethics

Health professionals are expected to undertake their duties and responsibilities at all times in a manner which is professional and ethical. This also applies to students of the Faculty of Health Sciences when they undertake their placements.

Codes of Conduct and Codes of Ethics are developed by the various professional bodies to guide health professionals in their practice. It is important that students become familiar with and apply these guidelines whilst on placement.