Working With Children

NSW Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act

University of Sydney students undertaking 'child-related' placements as part of their course are also subject to the requirements of the NSW Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act.

Broadly, the purpose of the Act is to regulate the employment of 'prohibited persons' in 'child-related employment'. Under the Act a 'prohibited person' is a person who has committed a serious sex offence. 'Child-related employment' means employment, paid or unpaid, which involves direct contact with children, where that contact is not directly supervised.

The Act specifically includes persons undertaking practical training as part of an educational or vocational course within its definition of employment.

Prior to undertaking any placement, students must return a signed copy of the Working with Children Volunteer/Student Declaration to Student Central. Failure to do so may jeopardise any such placement and the fulfilment of course requirements. New students will be provided with copies of the Declaration at enrolment. Copies may also be obtained by new and re-enrolling students from Student Central. Students may also be required to complete another copy of the declaration by their placement site when they commence placement.

Students undertaking a placement with the Department of Community Services must complete the full Working with Children Check

Further details can be obtained from NSW Commission for Children and Young People - Working with Children Check and from the NSW Health Employment Screening Policy.

Qld Health
All students undertaking a placement in a Qld Health site must complete the application to obtain a Blue Card prior to attending the placement. Please liaise with the relevant Clinical Educator Coordinator to arrange the Blue Card application. Students are advised the Blue Card application can take up to 6 weeks to process.