Reporting Incidents and Injuries during placement

Students are required to report all incidents, injuries or near misses whilst on placement. If the student is significantly injured they should seek immediate medical advice or call 000 for an ambulance. If the student is not significantly injured, they are to immediately report the incident/injury or near miss to their placement supervisor and then report it to their Faculty Clinical Educator Coordinator.

After reporting the incident/injury or near miss, students are required to;

  1. complete all relevant documents of the workplace they are undertaking their placement in; and
  2. complete the University’s Student Incident & Injury Report form and send this by fax or email to their faculty Clinical Educator Coordinator as soon as possible after the incident/injury or near miss.

In some circumstances, a medical clearance may be required before a student can continue their clinical placement. Contact the faculty Clinical Educator Coordinator to discuss this further.