Important Dates


Information about upcoming workshops is available from the Education and Workshops tab in this website.


Placement start dates can be obtained from the physiotherapy placement calendar. There are nine 5 week placement blocks starting at the end of January and running through to the middle of December each year as well as a one week Mentored Clinical Placement in May each year.

Student allocations are emailed to the primary contact for each placement at least five weeks prior to the start of each placement. If you have offered to take a student placement, the start date is less than five weeks away, and you have not received your student allocations email, please contact the Physiotherapy Placement Administrator.

Clinical Educators are asked to return student assessment forms by the Monday immediately following the completion of the placement at the latest, with the exception of block 9 (November/December each year) where we request that assessment forms are returned by 9am on the last day of placement to allow for results to be processed before the University close down period one week later.

CEAC and Steering Committee Meetings

Each clinical region has a steering committee. A representative from a range of clinical sites within that region is chosen to attend steering committee meetings. Agendas and minutes are distributed by the Clinical Educator Coordinator (CEC) for each region. Copies can be obtained by contacting the Physiotherapy Placement Administrator. Steering committees meet approximately four times a year. Practicum program issues are discussed and provisional student allocations and clinical site offers are negotiated at meetings. It is therefore very important for educators to communicate regularly with their site’s steering committee representative.

The Physiotherapy Practicum Program is governed by the Clinical Education Advisory Committee (CEAC). This committee has representatives from each of five clinical regions and the core academic areas within the Discipline of Physiotherapy. Its role is to develop the physiotherapy practicum program. CEAC meets approximately four times per year.

The next CEAC meeting is scheduled for 12 March.