FHS WIL External Supervisor Reward Program

The Work Integrated Learning team at the Faculty of Health Sciences , recognises that clinical educators and placement supervisors employed by a range of health, education, community and other organisations external to the University, make a significant contribution to the education of our students.

The aim of the reward program is to recognise the valuable contribution of clinical educators and placement supervisors to student learning. The WIL team has made some changes to the reward program based on feedback from clinical educators and placement supervisors. From 2016, the program will consist of four categories - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

To celebrate the launch of the revised Supervisor Reward Program, the WIL team launched a competition asking educators to submit a photo or short video (max. 30 sec) of themselves or their team with the Reward Program Brochure

Summary of eligibility criteria and rewards

Award level Eligibility Criteria  Rewards
 Bronze 80 placement days  Opportunity to apply for University of Sydney Library Membership
 Silver 180 placement days Those for the Bronze award
Statment of appreciation posted to your workplace
Invitation to attend CPD events
 Gold 280 Placement days Those for Silver award
Invitation to apply for Clinical Lecturer Honorary title
 Platinum 380 placement days Those for Gold award
Limited Edition University of Sydney gift
Invitation to participate in FHS WIL special events and projects

Registering for your award

Clinical educators and placement supervisors who would like to have their eligibility assessed and gain access to the rewards will need to register online
Registration for each calendar year is open from 1 January to 31 December of the year in question. Registration will only take a couple of minutes and will be required annually.