Work Integrated Learning

Clinical and work placements
Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is the practice of educational activities that incorporates academic learning of a discipline with its practical application in the workplace.

WIL is a formal unit of study within a degree course and has proven to assist students and employers with growth of the allied health profession.

The University of Sydney views workplace based education as an important part of the overall learning experience for students in programs offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The University’s Work Integrated Learning program aims to provide clinical or work placements for students to:

- Apply theoretical and evidence based knowledge in the workplace
- Gain professional attributes associated to their discipline
- Gain exposure to inter-professional learning
- Develop clinical reasoning skills
- Develop work readiness skills
- Work on health/community projects
- Learn in a work simulated environment

Clinical Simulation Experience

simulation lab

The University has an on campus facility which consists of a fully equipped 6 bed ward, an outpatient and rehab department to simulate realistic work place situations. Work simulation is aimed at enhancing clinical learning and preparing students for their onsite placements.

Students are exposed to high fidelity simulation, including standardised patients (actors), mannequins and are supervised by experienced clinical educators.

Clinical simulation provides a deep learning experience in a safe and supervised environment, helping students to gain confidence and develop skills in patient and case load management, self- reflection and peer-review.