About us

Translational research is as old as science itself (Gribben, 2002) and can be defined as a process that unites fundamental scientific principles to solve everyday problems (Mace and Critchfield, 2010).

The scientific discipline of Psychology is in a unique and enviable position having immensely contributed to our understanding of areas such as personality, emotion, motivation, self-concept, cognition, memory, social cognition and influence, family processes, social networks, and sociocultural variations.

However, the theory, methods, knowledge, and insights from psychological science has not been fully utilized in understanding pressing public health issues in promoting, treating and managing mental and physical well-being (NIMH 2010).

The core purpose of this team is to explore opportunities for a united science of behaviour change. We intend to capitalize on emerging developments to accelerate behaviour change across a broad range of health-related behaviours. This includes removing barriers to multidisciplinary collaboration, addressing what the community wants, and ensuring our scientific investigations are easily and swiftly available to the public. This concept is often summarized by the phrases “bench-to-bedside” and “bedside-to-community” research (ITHS, 2012).

We are interested in conducting:

  • Research with clinical populations (e.g. mental / physical health),
  • Research with specific populations (e.g. migrant groups, ethnic groups, minority groups, high-risk groups, women),
  • Research with general populations (e.g. exploring their health and well-being needs, promoting uptake of healthy behaviours via new cost-effective technologies).

Note: This list is not meant to be exhaustive, nor are the examples provided intended to be exclusive of other research themes.