NSW Health Conjoints

About the Conjoint positions

The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at the University of Sydney is the largest and most comprehensive grouping of allied health professions, researchers and teachers within Australia. The faculty is a world leader in health sciences and allied health research and education and is acknowledged as a leading global hub of excellence in research and education in health sciences. The faculty is committed to research and research–led learning and teaching in a multidisciplinary context.

The Conjoint appointments work alongside a passionate team of clinicians and researchers in the various allied health disciplines and pursue a research program. They teach in their relevant field, as well as supervise postgraduate research students and contribute to the discipline’s academic programs.

The objective oversee and facilitate the implementation of the Sydney Local Health District (LHD) and the University of Sydney FHS allied health partnership: including the development and implementation of an allied health research and education strategic plan. The partnership is committed to enhancing the health of people in Sydney LHD through patient centred care that is grounded in scientific evidence, sharing knowledge and skills and preparing work ready allied health professionals. The work of this Professorial appointment will be focussed on contributing to the evidence base about effective community based allied health services.

Meet our conjoints

There a six conjoint appointments across the Faculty -

Western Sydney Local Health District:
Professor Vicki Flood, Professor of Allied Health

Sydney Local Health District:
Professor Andrew Bailey, Professor of Allied Health (Community)
Professor Jennifer Alison, Professor of Allied Health (Chronic Disease)

South Western Sydney Local Health District:
Associate Professor Sarah Dennis, Associate Professor of Allied Health

Northern Sydney Local Health District:
Professor Jim Elliott, Professor of Allied Health

Sydney Children's Hospital Network:
Position currently vacant