Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders

If not effectively treated arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions such as sports injuries, back and neck pain, and foot and ankle problems can lead to chronic pain and disability. This places a huge economic burden on the community each year – not to mention the personal and social burden these problems place on individuals and families.

Our researchers are carrying out pioneering work to advance the treatment and prevention of pain and injury. They achieve this through a multidisciplinary approach and world-wide collaborations that aim to better understand pain and find new interventions to improve quality of life, productivity and independence of sufferers.

Featured Expert

Professor Kathryn Refshuage

Professor Refshauge is an internationally recognized leader in research in musculoskeletal injury, in particular sports injuries, back pain and neck pain. In her research, she integrates her background knowledge of neuroscience and biomechanics with her expertise in clinical physiotherapy. She has particular clinical and academic expertise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Kathryn's laboratory-based research has resulted in the development of diagnostic tests and tools to measure disability after musculoskeletal injury, and has led to the design of new prevention strategies and treatments for sports injuries and for back pain. Her clinical research includes several large epidemiological and prognostic studies and clinical trials investigating treatment efficacy for musculoskeletal injuries.