Cancer diagnosis and rehabilitation

Cancer is common: one in three women and one in two men are diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia, accounting for about three in every 10 deaths. Our researchers are improving the diagnosis of cancer and the consequences arising from cancer treatment.

Our international leaders in cancer research are improving diagnosis by using novel imaging techniques and new technology. In rehabilitation, we are challenging longā€held beliefs about problems arising from cancer treatment, developing better interventions, and treating the consequences for the patient.

Featured expert

Professor Sharon Kilbreath

Professor Sharon Kilbreath

Professor in the Discipline of Physiotherapy and Associate Dean Research Students

My research is busting the myths associated with the causes of lymphoedema, post breast cancer treatment, and looking at the potential of interventions such as massage, compression and exercise.
I challenged many common assumptions, and showed that many of the do’s and don’ts are just myths. Women are now able to move towards living a fulfilling life and not be fearful whenever they use their arm.