Disability and mental health

The rights and needs of people with disabilities have been recognised in the goals for the United Nations agenda. The WHO and the World Bank ‘World Report on Disability’ emphasises the importance of providing equal access to healthcare, education and employment opportunities.

adult man with case worker

As an organisation at the nexus of research, teaching, policy and practice, we have an important role to playin innovation and knowledge translation in the field of disability and mental health.

Our researchers are working in disability and mental health to ensure that people living with a disability are living full and active lives. This includes engagement in life roles, work and social activities, environmental design, exercise and nutrition, mobility, neuropsychological ageing, and healthy and sustainable workforce participation.

Centre for Disability Research and Policy

This centre brings together the University’s leading expertise within the disability field to create a greater understanding of disability. It also improves disability services and programs by increasing the use of evidence and research in policy decisions in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.