Healthy Ageing

Population ageing is a global phenomenon and one of the major social challenges of the 21st century, but healthy ageing is about more than just medical treatment. Work, environment, social connections and lifestyle all have a critical impact on the health, productivity and wellbeing of older people. Our researchers are focused on ways to improve well-being throughout the lifespan. They achieve this through creating greater understanding of the concept of 'active ageing' and the importance of engagement in life roles and activities, environmental design, exercise and nutrition, mobility, neuropsychological ageing, and healthy and sustainable workforce participation.

Featured Expert

Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh

Professor Fiatarone Singh is a geriatrician whose research, clinical, and teaching career has focused on the integration of geriatric medicine, exercise physiology, and nutrition as a means to improve quality of life for the aged. She has published extensively in the area of ageing, exercise and nutrition, and designed and carried out many clinical trials involving frail elders in Australia and the USA.