Medical Imaging

Our imaging scientists are committed to making scientific discoveries that can be translated into improved health outcomes for patients with debilitating diseases.

The interdisciplinary team of leading researchers brings together complementary strengths to make discoveries focused on the development and application of new imaging techniques that improve our ability to understand, diagnose and treat disease. Their work is underpinned by a partnership with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and membership of the National Imaging Facility (NIF).

Driving innovation

Our research has led many of the recent innovations in imaging science, including the development of motion-correction techniques for clinical and pre-clinical imaging, quantitative whole body PET, and Australia’s first SPECT and diagnostic X-ray CT scanner for combined imaging of anatomy and physiology function. We were also the first to demonstrate the relevance of specific modern mobile technology to image interpretation.

Featured Expert

Patrick Brennan

Professor Brennan's research explores novel technologies and techniques that enhance the detection of clinical indicators of disease, whilst minimising risk to the patient. His work involves most major imaging modalities including X-ray, computerised tomography, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging. In line with Government priorities, his research has translated into improved diagnosis and management of important disease states such as cancer, musculo-skeletal injury, arthritis and multiple sclerosis.