Communication Disorders Treatment & Research Clinic (CDTRC)

The Clinic is a teaching and research facility of The University of Sydney, Faculty of Health Sciences, Discipline of Speech Pathology.

We are one of the largest speech pathology teaching clinics in the world.

The Clinic offers speech pathology and hearing services to a wide range of clients. The Clinic can see over 200 clients a week during peak periods.

The clinic is open to members of the public and charges a fee for its services.

Assessments and therapy are provided by qualified Speech Pathologists supervising second, third and fourth year students doing aspects of their clinical or fieldwork training.

We provide;

  • quality clinical services to adults and children with communication disorders
  • research into communication disorders and clinical education
  • quality clinical education experiences to speech pathology students
  • a resource to the speech pathology profession and to the local community

Clients of the clinic include people with:

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