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Private Speech Pathology Services

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School Programs

Speech Pathologists can work with schools in a variety of ways to enhance social skills and classroom success in children with language / learning disorders.

Problems faced by children with language disorders in the classroom:

Understanding Language - Children with language impairments often do not cope with the requirements of the normal classroom. They may:

  • Have difficulty understanding instructions or attending to new information
  • Be distractible, or need information delivered in small chunks
    understand things that they can see, feel and touch but have difficulty with abstract ideas and concepts
  • Have problems with short term memory
  • Have difficulty transferring information from one context to another

These and other difficulties can make the classroom a confusing place for these children. Some children "switch off" while others "act out" appearing naughty and/or disobedient.

Expressing themselves - Children with language impairments not only have problems taking in information, many are unable to share what they know or think or feel. They may:

  • Not have appropriate language structure to make words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs
  • Have difficulty finding the right words to use or staying on a topic
  • Not give enough information or be able to correctly choose the information that they need to give because they can't sort out what is or isn't important

Many children with language disorders have difficulty in reading and writing. Meeting classroom expectations is almost impossible.

Social skills - Many of these children don't know the unspoken rules of conversation and social interaction which most of us take for granted. This often leads to inappropriate behaviour with peers, making it difficult for these children to make or maintain friends. The combination of academic failure and social failure can lead to low self esteem and fear of further failure.

What can Speech Pathologists do to help?

  • Speech pathologists can provide insight into the nature of language/learning disorders and through teacher education and consultation, assist teachers to identify these disabilities early. They can offer strategies for classroom management for both academic and social skills development
  • In the classroom speech pathologists work with teachers to deliver curriculum material in a way which will help the children compensate for the learning problem. Speech pathologists can also develop materials which help overcome some of the child's specific difficulties
  • Individual and group therapy can be used to improve skills affecting both classroom success and the ability to form and maintain relationships with peers
  • Increasing the opportunities for classroom success, and teaching children how to get on with their peers and teachers reduces the likelihood of low self esteem and the problems associated with it
  • Team teaching, teacher consultations, demonstration lessons and teacher in service training are all ways in which speech pathologists work with teachers to assist children with language and learning disorders

The Communication Disorders Treatment and Research Clinic provides these services to a number of schools.

Contact the Clinic for more information about these services.

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