Special Clinical Programs

The Clinic runs a range of specialist and/or intensive programs. These include:

  • Accent modification workshops or speech assistance for non-native speakers of English
  • School and teacher consultations
  • Second opinion assessment or medio-legal consultations by specialist speech pathology or audiology clinical and/or academic staff
  • Screening of professional voice users

Speech Assistance for Non-Native Speakers of English

The Communication Disorders Treatment and Research Clinic provides pronunciation training for clients from non-English speaking backgrounds who wish to improve their English pronunciation.

Non-native speakers of English may find that they have difficulty being understood when speaking English due to pronunciation differences.

Regardless of the clients' native language, or English proficiency, all clients are individually assessed. During the assessment we examine various aspects of the client's speech, including production of speech sounds, stress, rhythm and intonation patterns, and communication repair strategies.

Intervention Plan

After analysing the results of the initial assessment, we determine whether or not the client would benefit from pronunciation training. If so, we develop an individualised training plan based on the client's needs.

Intervention Sessions

Presently the Communication Disorders Treatment and Research Clinic offers three main modes of service to our clients requiring pronunciation training. These are :

  1. Weekly training sessions: where clients are seen up to three times a week for hourly individual sessions.
  2. Intensive Speech Courses: these courses are conducted over a series of three weeks (whole day courses), in individual and small group settings.
  3. Academic Courses: these are very specific courses designed for academic staff of The University of Sydney who wish to modify their pronunciation.

Other programs can be arranged to occur as workplace-based services.

Please contact the Clinic about these services.