Our team

Craig Veitch
Chief Investigator, Professor Craig Veitch was crucial in identifying the need for the project and developing research questions and methodologies in collaboration with senior managers and therapists from the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Ageing Disability and Home Care. His research interests include community-based care, rural workforce and services development, and services evaluation.
Chief Investigator, Professor Michelle Lincoln brings experience in understanding issues facing the therapy workforce. She is a speech pathologist whose research centres on allied health services, undergraduate training, stuttering and access to therapy. Michelle is committed to working towards equitable access to effective allied health services for people living in rural and remote Australia.
Chief Investigator, Professor Anita Bundy leads the evaluation of new therapy service model pilots in western NSW and runs professional development workshops in the area. She is also known internationally for her work in occupational therapy assessment and intervention, as well as for developing theory and research in play with children who have disabilities and in sensory integration.
Chief Investigator, Dr Gisselle Gallego, based at the Univeristy of Western Sydney provides the team with expertise in survey design and analysis. She is also exploring allied health professional job preferences and carers therapy preferences using discrete choice experiments (DCE).  She is a health services researcher with ample experience in mixed methods research. Gisselle’s research interests include disability and public health, policy, knowledge transfer and the use of qualitative methods in health economics and health services research.
Project Manager, Dr Angela Dew oversees the delivery of all project activities, manages project team members, and has developed strong relationships with key stakeholders in rural NSW. Angela is a sociologist with over 30 years experience working in the disability sector in government and non-government roles in direct service provision, management, teaching and research. Angela’s main research interests relate to the lived experiences of people with a disability and their family members.
Kim Bulkeley
Senior Project Officer, Ms Kim Bulkeleyis currently seconded from NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Ageing Disability and Home Care. She has been responsible for building links with our rural research partners and provides valuable insights into the disability sector. She is an occupational therapist with over 25 years experience in community developmental disability in Australia and England. Kim is completing her PhD research on an OT intervention with young children with autism, using single subject methods as a means for including research in workplaces.
Jennie Brentnall
Senior Research Assistant, Ms Jennie Brentnall facilitated project conceptualisation with partners in western NSW and provides crucial advice and support to the team. She previously worked as an occupational therapist and rehabilitation coordinator in central western NSW. Her main research interests relate to clinical reasoning and outcome measurement for intervention planning and service evaluation.
Rebecca Chedid
Research Assistant & PhD candidate, Ms Rebecca Chedid performs survey construction, data collection and analysis and has had a lead role in recruitment of survey participants.In 2011 Rebecca was awarded occupational therapy (OT) First Class Honours for her research completed with the Wobbly Hub team on rural OTs use of Information and Communication Technology. Rebecca is currently pursuing doctoral studies in “occupational teletherapy” and is interested in the use of technology in delivering therapy services to people with a disability living in rural and remote areas as part of her work on the team.
Alexandra Iljadica
Research Assistant, Ms Alexandra Iljadica (MPH, BSc) supports the team across a range of research activities including recruitment, data management, data collection and literature searches. She assists with and coordinates the teams grant applications and oversees the team’s communication strategy including maintaining the website, media and the Wobbly Hub newsletter. Alexandra is interested in the translation and dissemination of research results to all audiences including the community.
Rachel Mayes
Senior Research Associate, Dr Rachel Mayes is working with the team on the evaluation of pilot projects in 2 locations in Western NSW. Within this, she manages stakeholder engagement and data collection and analysis. Rachel is an occupational therapist who has worked in disability research for 15 years. Her interests are in disability and its influence on families. Her most recent work focused on mothers who themselves have disabilities and mothers who have children with disabilities.
Senior Research Associate, Ms Rebecca Barton recently joined the team to work on developing a framework to support and enhance the practice of rural private allied health practitioners under DisabilityCare Australia. Rebecca’s primary research interests are disability and chronic illness, family, social and cultural context, meaning and identity. Rebecca recently completed her PhD titled Negotiating cultures: Chinese migrant families raising a child with a disability in Australia.
Jo Ragen
Senior Research Associate, Ms Jo Ragen was involved in developing the rural private allied health practitioners framework for use under DisabilityCare Australia. She has since furthered this work to look at technological solutions to the workforce issues identified by the framework. Jo's interests include strategic management, innovation and education, participation in everyday life - childhood and disability, perceptions of risk and risk management. Jo is currently completing her PhD titled The Risk of Good Intentions: Navigating outcomes for people with disability.
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dr Monique Hines, is conducting research about access to allied health services, including speech pathology and communication services, for people living in rural and remote areas. Monique is a speech pathologist with experience in lifelong disability research, including qualitative methods, within university and non-government settings. Monique is committed to research that supports the health and wellbeing of people with lifelong disability and their families, and knowledge translation for disability service organisations.

Gabrielle Hindmarsh
Research Associate, Ms Gabrielle Hindmarsh is involved in the evaluation of the pilot projects in western NSW. Gabrielle is a psychologist and has worked with various multi disciplinary teams which have developed a support needs classification, explored how people with impairments transition to adulthood and built capacity among professionals working with families headed by parents with learning difficulties. As part of her doctoral studies, Gabrielle is exploring the health and well being of children with mothers with learning difficulties.
Sheila Keane
Research Associate, Dr Sheila Keane is a Senior Lecturer in Allied Health at the University Centre for Rural Health - North Coast and supports a range of Wobbly Hub research projects relating to rural allied health workforce recruitment and retention. Sheila is a board member of Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH) and sits on the North Coast Medicare Local board and is keen to promote health services innovation such as the use of allied health assistants and student clinics to extend access to allied health services. Sheila is a certified neurologic specialist physiotherapist with over 30 years experience as a clinician and clinical educator and has recently completed a PhD in factors affecting recruitment and retention of allied health professionals in rural NSW.


John Gilroy
Research Associate, John Gilroy oversees the planning and implementation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander projects under the Wobbly Hub strategic plan. John is a Koori from the Yuin Nation and is a sociologist of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, specialising in disability, ageing and community care. John is working with remote Aboriginal communities in Central Australia on research relating to the Australian Government reforms to disability and ageing. John is also the founding chair of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Research Network and former Vice Chair of the NSW Aboriginal Community Care Gathering Committee.