Project Briefs


TITLE: Individual funding: the experiences of families in rural areas (pdf) [775KB]

DATE: September 2013

KEYWORDS: individual funding, disability, NDIS, service provision, therapy access, children, rural and remote, rural proofing, policy


TITLE: Listening to Aboriginal people in rural and remote western NSW (pdf) [1.74MB]

DATE: September 2013

KEYWORDS: indigenous australians, disability, local needs, land and language, rural and remote, carers


TITLE: Enabling high quality, sustainable and accessible services: A framework for rural private therapists (pdf) [960KB]

DATE: September 2013

KEYWORDS: NDIS, private therapists, rural and remote, workforce, service provision, capacity building, practical design fund


TITLE: The Wobbly Hub and Double Spokes Project: people with a disability in rural areas (pdf) [461KB]

DATE: July 2013

KEYWORDS: rural and remote, disability, therapy, service provision, person-centred approach, policy,  technology


TITLE: Informing Evidence-Based Health Policy for Rural Australia (pdf) [280KB]

DATE: 2010

KEYWORDS: allied health workforce, therapy, service models, rural and remote, policy, partnership