The Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council, and several public and private sector organisations, have funded our research.

The team is currently conducting five main streams of research:

Precarious employment and flexible work

This research investigates the effects of precarious or flexible employment (e.g. casual, temporary, sub-contract or agency work) on health and safety. One focus is the development and testing of new measures of precariousness and of the Pressure, Disorganisation and Regulatory Failure model which is intended to explain the effects of precariousness.

The impact of traumatic workplace death

This research investigates the health and financial impacts on families of workers who have died from traumatic injuries sustained at work. It also examines formal responses to the death by employers, trade unions, government prevention and compensation organisations, coroner’s courts, and support groups with view to increasing understanding of the adequacy of these responses to families’ needs.

Details on workplace death study
Details on workplace death study
Workplace death report September 2011

Working hours, work-life conflict and health

This stream of research investigates individual, organisational and social factors that influence the health impact of shiftwork and long or irregular working hours. Particular interests at present are in the level of worker control over flexible hours and the relationships between control, variability of hours, work-life conflict and health.

Health and employment of older workers

The Team is conducting several projects on the health, work ability and workforce participation of older workers. For example, we are examining the individual and organisational factors that affect the work attitudes, workforce participation, safety and health of a cohort study of 1,500 workers aged between 45 and 64.

OHS regulation and policy

This stream of research examines work and health policy, regulation and enforcement. Current projects include an investigation of the implementation of OHS standards by inspectors and an examination of regulatory responses to recent workplace changes, such as the growth of contingent employment. We are also contributing to a comparative project based in Europe and North America.