Workplace death is known to exact an enormous economic, social and personal toll for workers, employers and the national economy. Unfortunately, little is known about the consequences for those who are affected the most – surviving families. Available evidence suggests that families of workers who die at work may experience serious and enduring health and financial ramifications, and that these effects can extend beyond families to friends. However, such evidence is limited.

The ‘Workplace Death: Improving Support for Families’ study is investigating the consequences of workplace death for surviving families. It also considers how well official responses, such as workers’ compensation and the provision of information and support, meet families’ needs.

The aim is to identify improvements that will help to better manage the consequences of workplace death for surviving families.

If your loved one died as a result of a sudden work-related injury we would like to invite you to participate in this world-first Australian Research Council-funded study.

The information you provide will remain completely confidential and will be used in grouped information only. Participation is voluntary and you are free to withdraw from the study at any time without comment or penalty.

People who participate in this study may be at different stages of the formal procedures that follow a workplace death. For this reason, not all questions in the survey will be relevant to everyone. Depending on your situation, the survey could take between 15 – 35 minutes to complete.

You are very welcome to talk with other people about this study, especially people you may know who have had a loved one die suddenly from a workplace injury. We would like them to also have the opportunity to have their voices heard by completing the survey.

Detailed information can be found on the Participant Information Sheet.

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For further information please contact:

Associate Professor Lynda Matthews
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