Client Driven

Three partial sessions are shown on this page, each demonstrating many aspects of ReST treatment including:

  • the Training Phase where the concepts of sounds, beats and smoothness.

  • the Practice Phase where the child learns how to use the skills without the clinician's teaching.
  • Lachlan

    Lachlan and Tricia.

    Lachlan is 7years old and has done ReST therapy previously. This session revises his understanding of the concepts and practices 3 syllable nonsense words


    Mira and Pippa.

    Mira is 13 years old. She has previously done ReST therapy and her nonsense words include 'r' clusters which is a more complex target appropriate to her age.


    Byron and Donna.

    Byron is 4 years old and this is his first ReST session. Donna introduces the concepts of sounds, beats and smoothness and they work together on 2 syllable nonsense words.