Other entry options

Admission Pathways

We offer a number of pathways for domestic undergraduate applicants who wish to have additional factors taken into account alongside their academic results.

Support Courses for enrolled students

The Learning Centre Cumberland Campus offers concurrent learning assistance and English language skills tuition free of charge to all students. For further details visit the Learning Centre Cumberland Campus.

Preparatory programs for prospective students

Preparation Courses are run by the University Preparation Centre (UPC) to provide students aged 20 years and above with a qualification to compete for a place at the University of Sydney. Courses are designed for students who did not complete schooling, or completed schooling a number of years ago in Australia or overseas.

Non-award enrolment

Non-award students are students who are enrolled in a unit(s) of study but are not proceeding to a degree or formal qualification from the University. For more information and to apply for non-award enrolment go to the links provided below:

Application for Undergraduate Non Award course

Application for Postgraduate Non Award course

Study abroad and student exchange programs

Take advantage of the opportunity to mix travel and study in a Study Abroad or Exchange Scheme program. Short-term undergraduate and postgraduate study is available. For more information about these options for Cumberland Campus students contact Student Central or visit the Study Abroad/Exchange Scheme site.