FHS Abroad

Senior students across all undergraduate and graduate entry master's programs (except Master of Exercise Physiology and Master of Diagnostic Radiography students) have the opportunity to participate in an international experience as part of their study program.

The 6 credit point elective unit of study involves working with a community-based organisation in a health services field for a minimum of four weeks and up to six weeks in a range of Faculty-elected locations in Vietnam, Cambodia, India and the Philippines.

The Faculty works with two companies, Antipodeans and Projects Abroad to organise student placements. The role of these companies is to ensure that placements are suitable and safe for students, and beneficial to the host organisation and wider community.

Interested... here are the deadlines and here is what to do next

Unit of Study Information

Unit of Study Credit Points Prerequisites Session
HSBH3012 FHS Abroad (Undergraduate) 6

Successful completion of all 1st year units in an undergraduate FHS degree
Note: Department permission required for enrolment

Semester 1/2
FHS Abroad (Postgraduate)
6 Successful completion of an undergraduate health sciences degree or equivalent
Note: Department permission required for enrolment
Semester 1/2

The unit of study assessment consists of:

  1. Research on the health and development of your host country which must be submitted online before you travel.
  2. A field journal that you keep while you are overseas.
  3. A report on the experiences you had during your trip.
  4. A presentation once you return.

The face-to-face hours associated with this unit consist of two compulsory workshops, one before you depart and one when you return.

FHS Abroad enrolment and study cycle is different

Most units of study begin in week 1 and end in week 14, FHS Abroad is different. The FHS Abroad unit of study begins in week 9, overseas travel is undertaken during the semester break, and the unit's final assignment is due in week 5 of the following semester. Because of this, enrolment is unique for this unit.

FHS Abroad enrolment appears as Semester 1 (where travel during the previous December/January break) or in Semester 2 (for travel during the previous June/July break).

You cannot enrol in the unit of study yourself. The unit of study requires permission from the unit of study coordinator before your enrolment can be processed. Enrolment cannot be approved until you have attended the compulsory pre-departure workshop in week 14 in the semester before you travel, and have provided a receipt from Antipodeans/Projects Abroad for payment of your deposit.



Week 4

Attend the Information Session

By Week 5

Submit the online Expression of Interest form

Week 6-8

Complete these pre-enrolment steps:

  • seek approval from your discipline,
  • consider your course requirements and your clinical placement requirements within the time frame of this unit,
  • seek advice from the FHS Abroad Unit Coordinator,
  • speak to the agencies about suitable placement opportunities,
  • prepare your scholarship applications (if applicable),
  • prepare your OS Help Loan (if applicable).
Week 9 Deadline for securing your placement with an agency and providing copy of your receipt of your payment to an agency to FHS Abroad administration.
Week 10 First week of the unit of study. Access to unit of study outline and LMS site
Week 14 Pre-departure workshop (compulsory workshop)
Semester Break Undertake your overseas placement
Week 1 Attend debriefing workshop (compulsory workshop)
Week 4-5 Presentations
Week 5-6 Submission of final assessment

Approximate Costs

The financial cost of participating in FHS Abroad is significant, and you are strongly encouraged to plan ahead and set savings goals. As a guide, to help you with planning your participation, Antipodeans and Projects Abroad placements cost between $3000 to more than $4000 for 4 weeks. Please note that costs may vary depending on your individual itinerary and you must verify actual costs with the agency.

Additional costs to consider

You are also required to pay unit of study fees, as with any other 6 credit point unit. The other costs you will incur are your flights, travel insurance, and any fees for your visa and vaccinations. Food and accommodation whilst on placement is included in the fee paid to Antipodeans and Projects Abroad for the placement. You will also need spending money for any excursions or extra travel you wish to do, as well as food and drink on weekends.

Financial Assistance

The Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to widening participation in FHS Abroad by identifying and providing access to scholarships and other forms of financial assistance.

The following scholarships are currently available for students undertaking FHS Abroad:

  • Postgraduate scholarships to Cambodia or The Philippines or Vietnam (funded by Endeavour Mobility Short-term Projects) each scholarship to the value of $3,000 (including $1,000 language component).

  • Postgraduate scholarships to India (funded by Endeavour Mobility Short-term Projects) each scholarship to the value of $3,000 (including $1,000 language component).

  • Postgraduate scholarships to Vietnam (funded by Endeavour Mobility Short-term Projects through The Hoc Mai Foundation) each scholarship to the value of $3,000 (including $1,000 language component).

  • Local students MAY be eligible to apply for a OS Help Loan of $2,500, $5,000 or $7,880 (to be added to your HECS debt).


    MRS, OT, EXSS, EP, PHTY, REHAB, SPEECH Bachelor of Health Sciences

    STEP 1: Complete the Expression of Interest so we can inform you about upcoming information sessions, scholarship opportunities or any other important events.

    STEP 1: FHS Abroad is a senior elective in the Bachelor of Health Sciences. You must have successfully completed all your junior units, and have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.5 over 7 to participate (approximately equivalent to credit average or better).

    STEP 2: Contact Dr Elizabeth Dylke who will specify what you need to do next.

    STEP 3: Contact your Clinical Coordinator to ascertain if you are on a clinical placement during the semester break you wish to travel. Some courses will put you in an early clinical block so that you can participate in FHS Abroad. - see above for the unique study cycle.

    STEP 2: Complete the Expression of Interest so we can inform you about upcoming information sessions, scholarship opportunities or any other important events. The FHS Abroad team will obtain approval from the course director.


    A: Contact

    if you intend to undertake FHS Abroad.

    B: Contact our industry partners, Antipodeans and Projects Abroad to see what placement opportunities are available when you want to travel. They have a different approach to the services they offer, and we recommend you contact both companies and find out what suits you.


    Anthea Jirgens

    Tel: (02) 9413 1522,

    Fax: (02) 9410 0751

    Email: anthea@antipodeans.com.au

    More information about Antipodeans

    Projects Abroad Australia & NZ

    Will Pashley

    Tel: 1300 132 831 or 08 8410 8881

    Mobile: 0404 712 638

    Email: fhsabroad@projects-abroad.com.au

    Projects Abroad expression of interest application