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The Faculty of Health Sciences is a world leader in health sciences, allied health research and education. Our people are changing the health landscape and working to improve health and wellbeing for individuals, families and communities worldwide.

Our learning and teaching programs are enhanced by our research efforts and aim to develop a new generation of allied health professionals, academics and researchers who will continue to drive change within the health sector.

First class education

The Faculty of Health Sciences is ranked among the best in the world because we believe classrooms are not the only places to unlock your potential. We know real-life clinical experience is just as valuable. Our extensive network of training partners around Australia provide you with such opportunities.

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We have the broadest curriculum in health sciences of any higher learning institution in Australia. We are committed to thought leadership and want to attract as brilliant minds, students and teachers alike. We are recognised for our cross-disciplinary learning environment and specialised facilities.

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Our people and our work are shaping the national and international health and social policy agendas.We have a broad range of research strengths and lead the world in allied health and education. The research carried out by the faculty is aligned with federal government priorities, with particular focus on promoting and maintaining good health. A contribution of national significance can also be found in our work around rural and Indigenous health, and social inclusion.

Dedicated resources

The campus includes many purpose-built laboratories, on-site health clinics and high-end equipment that supports our pioneering research. The whole campus is dedicated to the health sciences, providing you with an ideal learning base for your professional development.

Leadership development program

We are committed to giving our graduates the best possible start in the employment market through systematically providing leadership development opportunities for all undergraduate and graduate entry masters students. We do this through an integrated Leadership Development Program, which helps develop future industry leaders to improve health outcomes in Australia and around the world.

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Yooroang Garang is the centre of Indigenous student support at Cumberland Campus. The unit provides support programs such as the Special Admission (Cadigal) Program and the Aboriginal Health Sciences Science Support program. We also provide a range of facilities to Indigenous students studying at the Faculty of Health Sciences to support their study on campus.