Information for mentees

mentoring program

Starting university can be very exciting but also sometimes a little daunting. Belong@FHS aims to help make this transition to university a lot more fun and lot less scary. We hope that through our program, you’ll make friends, feel supported and, most of all, feel like you have a home – that you belong.

What is a mentee and who qualifies to become a mentee?

Mentees are any first year students enrolling in an undergraduate coursework degree within the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2019.

Benefits of becoming a mentee

Becoming a mentee is a great opportunity to make friends and get advice from students who have been through it before. We evaluated Belong@FHS when it was first implemented and found that first year students who actively participated in the program (attended sessions, talked to their mentors and peers) were statistically more likely to:

  • Feel like they belonged at university
  • Develop teamwork skills and an appreciation for diversity (very important in healthcare!), and
  • Feel motivated, reassured and settled into university life.

This project was conducted by students and presented at an international conference. Check out the research paper.

Signing up to be a mentee

Once you have successfully enrolled in your degree, you can register for Belong@FHS via Register as a mentee in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

If you are signing up with a friend(s) please create a secret passcode that you and your friend(s) can share when you register.

If you are not signing up with a friend, we will allocate you to a group with other students in your degree.

Mentee Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct has been introduced for the mentees. This document explains the expectations for mentees. Before you apply as a mentee please refer to the Belong@FHS Code of Conduct for mentees for more information.