Let's talk about risk

Kids lining up to walk across balance beam, that is 2 milk crates high.

Opportunities for Adventure or “Risk Reframing” groups are being conducted with teachers and parents of the children who are participating in the Sydney Playground Project.

Groups include discussion regarding the risks arising from physically active play relative to the consequences of missing out on active, outdoor play.

When the playground interventions and post-testing have been completed, parents, teachers and school administrators are asked if they wish to volunteer to be interviewed. They are asked about their perceptions of risk, whether their perceptions have changed since participating in the groups, and their beliefs about the ways that children learn to make decisions for themselves, especially when the outcomes of their decisions may be uncertain.

If you have a child aged between 3-12, take our online questionnaire, Tolerance of Risk in Play Scale. This questionnaire provides us with data about how risk tolerant parents are.