An example of a play pack showing ideas about what items you can use at home or at school

This is such an easy, cost-effective approach to play that you can try and implement a 'play pack' yourself at home, at daycare, or at your school.

If you don't have a lot of space, for example you live in a unit or a small house, you could fill a box with lots of different bits and pieces. You may include bits of material, old wallets, (clean) old food containers, ribbons, or unused jewellery. Don't forget that using blankets and lounges to create forts is great fun!

For a larger house with a back yard, get some milk crates and car tyres. Large cardboard boxes are always a favourite. Incorporating some rope to help attach items works well, maybe even some clothes pegs. Large pieces of cloth material or tarpaulin are inexpensive and easy to find. Look at the photos in our Photo Album for some more ideas about what types of things you can include.

For a daycare centre, play group or school, you can incorporate all of these items. Make sure you have enough materials and that items have been childproofed adequately. If you would like some assistance in setting up, you can contact Reverse Garbage for an initial 'play pack' that you could maintain afterwards.