Team Members

The project is administered from the Discipline of Occupational Therapy at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney.

Professor Anita Bundy

Occupational Therapy, University of Sydney
Anita is Chief investigator (CI) and has the overall responsibility for this project (as she did on the pilot that informed the current project). She directs all aspects related to play and the creation of play environments. In more than three decades as a clinician and researcher, she has gained extensive knowledge of measurement, practice in schools, play as both a medium and an activity, and the role of the environment for supporting play; these areas of expertise converge in the requirements for this project.
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Professor Louise Baur

Paediatric Medicine, Westmead Children’s Hospital
Louise is an academic paediatrician who holds a personal chair in Paediatrics & Child Health at the University of Sydney, and a conjoint appointment in the Sydney School of Public Health where she is a member of the Prevention Research Collaboration. She is also a Founding Director of the Australasian Child & Adolescent Obesity Research Network. Louise Baur is also a consultant paediatrician at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, the largest paediatric institution in Sydney, where she is Director of Weight Management Services, a multi-disciplinary obesity service for children and young people.
Louise guides the aspects of the project relating to paediatric health care and the prevention of obesity.
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Professor Geraldine Naughton

Paediatric Exercise Science, Australian Catholic University
Geraldine is a Professor in Paediatric Exercise Science and Director of the Centre of Physical Activity Across the Lifespan, School of Exercise Science, at the Melbourne campus of the Australian Catholic University.
Geraldine guides aspects of the project that pertain to physical activity and energy expenditure. Geraldine brings over two decades of expertise in paediatric exercise science to the project and has also been a primary school teacher.
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Professor Wendy Schiller

Early Childhood, University of South Australia
Wendy Schiller is Professor of Early Childhood and Senior Research Fellow at the University of South Australia. She has worked in Australia, Canada, South Africa and Papua New Guinea as a researcher and teacher, and has been instrumental in attracting over $6 million in competitive research and development grants focusing on families and young children.
Wendy’s contribution to research, policy and community advocacy for young children and their families, was recognised by awarding of an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 2003, citation in Who’s Who of Australian Women and Who’s Who in Australia (2006-2010), and admission to the inaugural South Australian Women’s Honour Roll (2008).

Associate Professor Paul Tranter

Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy
Paul's research and teaching interests are in the areas of transport and social geography. He currently teaches courses on Global Change and Transport Geography.
His research has made a pioneering contribution to the academic literature in areas of child-friendly environments, active transport, holistic approaches to road safety, and healthy and sustainable cities.
An important theme in his research is how child-friendly environments can make cities more resilient in the face of challenges such as energy stress. This theme is developed in a new book Paul has co-authored – Children and Their Urban Environments: Changing Worlds, published by Earthscan in March this year.
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Dr Shirley Wyver

Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University
Shirley is a senior lecturer in child development and is a registered psychologist (NSW).
Her main role on the Sydney Playground Project relates the psychological and educational measures used. She has been actively involved in research on outdoor play for the past two decades. She also conducts research in the area of low vision and blindness in young children and consults as a psychologist with Vision Australia.
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Professor Adrian Bauman

Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney
Adrian's research interests are in physical activity and health promotion. He is the Director of Prevention Research Collaboration and also the Director of Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity Research Group.
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Dr Lina Engelen

Project Manager and Research Fellow, University of Sydney
Lina has a background in physiology and sensory science. In this project her role is to make sure everything happens as it should and when it should and to manage and analyse data, and disseminate results. With two playful young kids at home, she gets to play a lot.

Jo Ragen

Senior Research Associate, University of Sydney
Jo has a background in Leisure Studies, a Master of Business Management and is currently completing her PhD. Her role on the project is to coordinate the child proofing of the loose materials that go out onto the playground. Jo is also the supervisor for students who assist the project as part of their undergraduate or postgraduate practical studies. Jo organises the data collection teams and ensures everyone has had training in data collection methods.
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Glenda Jessup

Research Assistant, University of Sydney
Glenda’s background is in Leisure and Health. She has worked in palliative care as a Diversional Therapist and in research and marketing with a blindness organisation. Her master’s thesis looked at the benefits of leisure to young people who are blind. She is currently completing a PhD on social inclusion and young people who are visually impaired.
Glenda’s role on the Sydney Playground Project is to assist with data collection and entry. Glenda prepares the individual profiles that are given to parents of participating children. These profiles illustrate the child’s amount of physical activity and social skills.

Gabrielle Stewart

Research Assistant, University of Sydney
Gabi also has a background in Leisure and Health. Her role within the project is mainly around data management. She visits the schools to collect data, and is responsible for entering and uploading all data to the electronic system.