Student Support

Yooroang Garang: Indigenous Student Recruitment and Support Unit provides a range of facilities and services to support Indigenous students in their study at the Faculty.

Administrative Support
The Student Administrative Support Officer at Yooroang Garang is on hand to assist you with the administrative aspects of your study including: Abstudy, faculty administration and scholarships.

Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS)
This scheme offers supplementary tutorial support for students requiring assistance with assessment and study tasks.Specific tutors are sourced through the Univerisity and provide academic support in either group or individual settings.

Scholarships and Job Opportunities
Yooroang Garang regularly updates and disseminates information on scholarships, cadetships and job opportunities through its website, notice board and newsletters. Staff can assist you to complete and lodge application forms.

Cultural and Social Events
Cultural and social events are an important part of the role of Indigenous Education units within Universities. They affirm Indigenous cultural diversity and provide a culturally appropriate learning environment. Some of the events regularly celebrated at Yooroang Garang include:

  • Reconciliation Week
  • NAIDOC Week
  • Social events such as BBQ's during blocks to encourage staff and student interaction
  • Graduation lunches

Support staff at Yooroang Garang act as advocates for students in administrative matters of Enrolment and Enrolment Variation, Illness and Misadventure, Show Cause submissions and welfare. Staff at Yooroang Garang can help students negotiate a way through the administrative procedures of the institution.

Yooroang Garang has an ongoing role in identifying barriers, challenging the attitudes, assumptions and practices to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation within the University.

FHS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Fund

If you are experiencing acute financial difficulties that impact on your studies, you may be able to apply for financial support. The FHS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Fund is available to Indigenous students enrolled at the Faculty of Health Sciences. You can apply for support more than once during your studies to help in emergencies or during acute financial difficulty. This support is not intended as a regular source of income or for payment of fees.

The fund offers financial support which can be used for essential living and study expenses including:

  • food
  • bond and rent payments
  • phone, electricity and gas bills
  • medical and dental bills
  • petrol, Opal card to assist in getting to university
  • travel and accommodation costs for compulsory placements.

If you receive support from this fund, you do not need to pay it back.

For further information;please see the attached form or
Contact Simone Cherie Holt
Ph 9351 9114

Please fill out the attached application form.