Information for Health care workers

Services for University of Sydney Health Care Workers & Students on Clinical Placement

All screening and vaccination requirements for University of Sydney healthcare workers, including students undertaking clinical placements, can be undertaken by appointment at the University Health Service.


All University of Sydney health care workers, including students who undertake training or field work in the NSW health care system, have to have a documented screening and vaccination history consistent with the requirements identified in the NSW Department of Health Policy Directive PD2011_005.


The NSW Department of Health issues an Adult Vaccination Record Card which you will need to retain for the duration of your degree program, or university course, and while working in public hospitals.

Some infectious diseases may take years to develop, and legal issues from the transmission of infection may arise after many years.

Students are advised to retain all records indefinitely.

Exposure Prone Procedures

The NSW Department of Health requires that all Health Care Students who perform exposure prone procedures in the NSW health care system must know their status for the following diseases:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV

Tests for these diseases are to be conducted annually, and additional tests performed after any possible exposure to these diseases.