Cumberland College of Health Sciences

The arms of Cumberland College of Health Sciences

Cumberland College of Health Sciences at Lidcombe amalgamated with the University on 1 January 1990.

The Arms were granted by the College of Arms, London, and relate to the Arms of the State of NSW through the shield and its main charge, a cross.

The sun in splendour is a symbol of health and energy.

The Parnasuss flower is associated with the County of Cumberland in England and derives its name from the hill in Ancient Greece associated with the Arts and Muses hence enlightenment and learning.

The crest is linked by two demi-lions to the State Arms and the Arms of the Duke of Cumberland.

Between the lions passant guardant is the Open Book signifying the educational role of the College, and the caduceus. This is the staff of Mercury, or Hermes, representing the activities of business and commerce thereby relating the College to its location in the most densely populated commercial and manufacturing region in Australia.

The serpents entwining the staff symbolise medical skills.

The eight pointed star stands for the Southern Cross.

The motto is a distillation of the objective of the College to equip graduates with the scientific skills and understanding to provide a service which meets community needs.