St. Paul's College

The arms of St. Paul

The design of the St. Paul's College Arms contains several elements that emphasise the life of St Paul and the role of the College as a Christian foundation.

The crossed swords are intended to represent St Paul, who was beheaded with a sword; and the Maltese cross "in chief" on the shield is suggestive of St Paul's shipwreck at Malta before his imprisonment in Rome.

The motto, Deo Patriae Tibi, translates as "For God, my native land and thee".

Although the College commonly displays its colours as gold and maroon, the Grant of Arms actually stipulates that the College's colours are gold and gules, which is a heraldic term for a bright red, not maroon.

The College Arms have been used for most of the College's history, however the official Grant of Arms was not given by the Kings of Arms until 1961, when the Earl Marshall authorised the Letters Patent. This grant, as with many Oxford and Cambridge Colleges, is for a shield only, with no crest.