AM E074200 Arjuna Matapa

Arjuna's meditation, from the Arjunawiwaha

Reads L > R [reef reg] 1. Arjuna T & M meditate. 2. Five Dedari and two Condong prepare themselves. The Dedari all have god spots and nimbus, one Condong has a fairly elaborate head dress. 3. Twalen succumbs to Condong, both very explicit sex organs. The five Dedari are ineffective although one does her hair, two carry pudak, and one wears a netskirt, black of course. Merda is clearly interested in his Condong. 4. Five Dedari and two Condong return. 5. The Dedari, but no Condong, report their failure to Siwa (! should be Indra) with Wraspati and Yama, and torn but mountain border clearly starts so scene 5 certainly complete [ref LC]

410 by 23 cm
On Balinese cloth [ref reg] thick Balinese cloth [ref LC]

Collection of the Australian Museum

Previously in the Anthony Forge Collection

Depicts: Arjunawiwaha