AM E074201 Arjunawiwaha

Temptation of Arjuna

Reads L > R [ref reg] 1. Indra instructs four Dedari and a Condong, three Resi and Wraspati also present. 2. The girls travel. 3. Four Dedari bathe, three dress while the Condong gives a flower to one of them. 4. Two Dedari fail with Arjuna while two Condong succeed with Twalen and Morda. 5. Arjuna with bow and Twalen confront Siwa, disguised as hunter with servant, boar on mountain in between. An undistinguished and compressed work, the costumes constant(ly) change and the drawing and colouring are poop [ref LC]

328 by 24 cm
On European cloth [ref reg]

Painted at: Kamasan village

Collection of the Australian Museum

Previously in the Anthony Forge Collection

Depicts: Arjunawiwaha

photo: Emma Furno