AM E074202 Arjuna Wiwaha

Suprabha obtains Niwatakawaca's secret

11 scenes, Reads L > R [ref reg], 1. Yama, Bruna and Indra instruct Supraba and Arjuna with Wraspati and two Resi plus one grotesque Resi servant, and two more servants. 2. Supraba and Arjuna walk. 3. A and S agree on plan of action. 4. S sits in bale in DK's garden and is spotted by two Dayangs. 5. who tell DK, he is attended by Delem and Sanggut. 6. S greets DK. 7. They cuddle while A hearing secret knocks down gate roof. 8.DK and Delem threaten fleeing S and A. 9. S and A report to Indra and Wraspati attended by three followers and a servant. 10. A, at left, appears hit by huge arrow. DK laughs thus 11. enabling A to pierce his vulnerable spot [ref LC]

605 by 26 cm
On European cloth [ref reg]

Collection of the Australian Museum

Previously in the Anthony Forge Collection

Depicts: Arjunawiwaha